Best World Cup Final Moment: Kid Lifting Shirt (VIDEO)

kid lifts shirt at world cupThough it ended in a heartbreaking loss for the USA Women's Soccer team, the final game of the Women's World Cup was an incredible one. It all came down to a penalty shooutout after things were tied at 2-2, but Japan nailed it and won.

Not the victory we were hoping for, and expecting really, but we still can be proud of the effort our women put forth and all the excitement and attention they drew to the sport. It's not often that women's sports garner such incredible passion in this country, and it was great to see it captivate our nation like this. During the final game, one boy in the stands -- who as of yet hasn't been identified -- pretty much epitomized just how pumped U.S. fans of all ages were for this win. Here he is reacting to the first goal Alex Morgan scored.


Whether it was an intentional nod to Brandi Chastain who famously ripped her shirt off in the 1999 World Cup (was he even alive then?), or just a total act of spontaneous joy, I don't know, but people went crazy for it on Twitter, and he's going viral. Unfortunately, they're calling him "the fat kid," but his passion is pretty much admired across the board and people are predicting he'll be on Letterman or Leno by the end of the week.

It's just too bad he, and the rest of us, didn't get a final score worthy of shirt removal. But if we had to lose to anyone, Japan is a pretty good choice. That country has seen so much heartache and tragedy after the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that seeing them have something to celebrate is almost as good as having a U.S. win for ourselves ... almost.

Did you watch the U.S. Women's World Cup Finale? Do you love the kid in this video?

Image via YouTube

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