Women's World Cup Final Makes Soccer Moms Rejoice

usa women's world cup teamThe Women's World Cup soccer final is being played as I type. The USA women's national team is taking on Japan in Germany for the title of best soccer team in the world, and as of publish time, the game is tied 1-1  in overtime. Come on, USA! Our ladies were up 1-0 in the 70th minute when Alex Morgan scored an incredible goal, but Japan rallied back with a goal of their own by Aya Miyama in the 81st minute. Let's hear it soccer fans ... USA! USA!

Anyway, I'm just thinking that maybe all those back and forth trips to soccer practice and all those smelly shin guards and all those damn orange slices might be worth it, after all.


Not that parents don't enjoy helping their kids learn the game of soccer and learn about sportsmanship, but dang. Soccer is so darn time consuming. And I'm analyzing it from the perspective of the kid! All I had to do was buckle my seat belt in the car, run around on the field, and play nice with others. My parents had to do the hard work -- battle the traffic, stand on the sidelines for 90 minutes, organize snacks ... man alive that sounds exhausting.

But as our women's national team continues to succeed and become a world powerhouse (and hopefully World Cup winners in 2011!) maybe the annoyance of youth soccer will be easier to swallow as the possibility of professional women's soccer increases, and female soccer role models take center stage.

The women's pro-league (WPS) exists, but you've probably never heard of it, let alone go to a game. Maybe the excitement from the World Cup final will breathe some new life into the league and its fan-base.

Brandi Chastain, the woman who famously scored the winning penalty kick in the 1999 World Cup and took off her shirt to reveal a sports bra, has started a foundation for girls youth soccer in northern California that now extends nationwide. ReachUp is intended to help young girls become champions in life through the lessons they learn on and off the soccer field.

The World Cup 2011 women's team will be a whole new set of heroes to young soccer players out there, so it doesn't seem like the soccer phone-trees, the volunteering to chalk the field, and the grass stains are only going to get more intense. But hey, that's not such a bad thing.

Do you have any little ones that have enjoyed watching the World Cup?

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