Happy iCal Day! (One of the Dumbest Holidays Ever)

iCal July 17I'm a weirdo when it comes to funny holidays. I like to celebrate every April 8 by singing the date to the tune of the Genesis song "Paperlate" (because it rhymes, ya see). When November 13 rolls around, I walk around reciting the original intro to The Odd Couple. (You'll see why when you click.) And this Sunday, I'm sure I'll be the only one celebrating iCal Day.

What's that, you ask?


Well, it's not much of a holiday. I have a Mac, and the calendar that comes along with the operating system, called iCal, always says July 17 when it's closed. Then, when you open it, the correct date pops up. In later versions of OS X, I think it always says the correct date, but on my clunker, it still thinks every day is still July 17 until I tell it otherwise.

The reason for this, rumor has it, that July 17 was the day that iCal was released. The more you know!

To celebrate, I'll ... um ... post the above picture on Facebook. And I'll ... um ... well, that's just about it, but I'm just the kind of dork that likes to make random festivities out of otherwise boring days. Maybe I'll run a little counted-cross-stitch in commemoration.

Do you make up bizarre tech holidays, or do I just need a hobby?

Image via Apple.com

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