Tiger Woods' Ex Elin Nordegren Gets the Last Laugh With New Beau

elin nordegrenAfter the media circus roller coaster ride ordeal Tiger Woods's ex-wife, Elin Nordegren went through, it seems to me she deserves as much or more happiness and peace of mind than any former wife of a cheating dirtbag athlete ... ever. That's why I couldn't be more thrilled to hear the news that the former model scored not only $100 million in her divorce settlement, but has also been seeing new beau, billionaire Jamie Dingman for months.

The long and short of his background: He's an emerging-markets investor who has worked all over the globe. And he used to date another former athlete's woman, Bridget Moynahan, baby mama of Tom Brady's first kiddo. So, in short, it seems like Dingman is perfect for Elin!

See, he's NOT an athlete, which is the #1 characteristic Elin was wise to avoid in her post-Tiger romantic interest. 


A friend told Page Six of Dingman:

He's never been so happy. He and Elin have strong feelings for each other. He's a classic all-American guy. He's handsome, a total gentleman and low-key. He's never been in the press. Elin's a very lucky girl; he's a great guy but very private. He doesn't play golf.

Sure, there was that indy racing car team that he used to own (which was sponsored by the World Childhood Foundation -- awwww!), but pffft, that's so in the past! It sounds like he's a numbers guy, a finance guy, a business guy, but it doesn't seem like the sleazy Wall Street type. More like the worldly, well-traveled, slightly nerdy type? 

In other words, it seems like he's competitive in a more grounded way. Cuz if you lose money, it's not the same thing as losing a golf championship. For instance, Tiger has a career where he's REWARDED for getting all hotheaded on the green, whereas someone dealing with big money as an international-scale investor (like ahem, Dingman) gets a payoff for keeping their cool. And it's not like Dingman's job has him spending much time in the public eye, so he's clearly not a showboat megalomaniac like Tiger.

All that said, it could very well be that Dingman is less likely to be a total cheating DOG like Elin's moronic scum bag pro-golfer ex-hubby! And, by dating him, Elin will be doing a great public service to fellow former wives of lyin' and cheatin' pro golfers, basketball players, wrestlers, like Eva Longoria and Linda Hogan. She'll be able offer loud and clear advice for moving on in love: Whatever you do, DO NOT fall in love with egomaniac, testosterone-packed pro athletes! They're only trouble!!!

I, for one, have my fingers crossed very tightly for Elin and Jim's relationship to succeed. I have a feeling the woman has paid her dues in heartache to last several lifetimes.

Do you think Dingman seems like a good fit for Elin?

Image via Ralph Notaro/Splash News

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