Lady Gaga Ousted as Queen of Facebook by WHO?!

lady gagaIt was only a two years ago when Lady Gaga aka the Mother Monster was earning her Fame. But in that relatively short time, it seems like she's risen to the top of the totem pole not only in pop culture but also the whole WEB! Okay, at the very least, she was crowned the Queen of Social Media. In fact, she became the most popular woman on Facebook and broke crazy records, like becoming the first living music artist to reach 10,000,000 fans. Go STEF!!

Well, I'm sorry to report that times have changed. Believe it or not, Rihanna just overtook Gaga for the title, coming in with 40,591,705 fans this morning, while Gaga boasts 40,560,858. Wuh-oh!

But you know what? I'm not worried. With numbers like that, it's kind of splitting hairs to say Rihanna has such an amazing lead! Plus, as a loyal Gaga fan myself, I'm thinking this "win" for Rihanna is completely temporary. There are no fans on Earth like Gaga's Little Monsters, and they'll see to it that their queen is back on top in no time.


And get this -- Barack Obama puts both of the famous pop stars to shame. Mr. President has 22,031,452 Facebook fans. Thank goodness more people "like" (and therefore care about?) the executive branch of our government. WHEW! Just when I was starting to worry again about the fact that more people vote for American Idol than in U.S. elections!

Do you think it's just a temporary setback that Rihanna has surpassed Lady Gaga in followers?



Image via TJ Sengel/Flickr

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