Best Female Athlete Lindsey Vonn Could Be Headed for Hollywood

lindsey vonnSerena Williams, Danica Patrick, Maria Sharapova who? These ladies might be superstars in their own right, but they weren't named the Best Female Athlete of the year at last night's ESPYs on ESPN. That honor went to Olympic and world champion U.S. Ski Team racer Lindsey Vonn. The 26-year-old is on a roll. Her 2011 season included three Audi FIS Alpine World Cup titles, which brings her career total to 12 (more than any other American skier, male or female), and she also set another U.S. record by boosting her career World Cup win total to 41. Oh yeah, PLUS she won the silver medal in downhill at the 2011 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships.

Successful athlete or not, it turns out she's a big fan herself ... of Justin Bieber. When she won last night, she requested a photo with him for her Facebook page. Despite the age difference (she's 26, he's 17), I guess she has a crush on the Biebs. Ha. Too cute!

That all said, it's clear Vonn's all about the WINNING right now.


And I can totally see that translating off of the slopes. What I mean is, this woman is primed for the big time. She's destined to become a household name, like Anna Kournikova, Tiger Woods, and Lance Armstrong. 

Why? Because not only has she got the talent, but she has the charisma and all-American good looks (she actually reminds me of Christie Brinkley!) to cross over from star athlete to celeb. Granted, she doesn't have much tabloid drama, so that'll prevent her from going the way of Tiger or Lance, but that's a good thing. I could see her taking on modeling campaigns, selling beauty products (skin care or hair, definitely!), or maybe even showing up in a music video here and there (BIEBS' next one, perhaps?!?).

Next up on her agenda is the Teen Choice Awards on August 7, where she's nominated again for favorite Female Athlete. And if she wins over the teens (which is likely, although the tweens who envy her time with Bieber probably won't vote for her), you know she's gonna make a serious mark on pop culture.

What do you think of Lindsey Vonn?


Image via U.S. Ski Team/Flickr

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