Spotify Will Change How You Listen to Music Forever (VIDEO)

spotify mobileWe all know the Internet changed how we listen to music. Now, Spotify, a service that has been successful overseas for three years, is about to COMPLETELY alter how we listen to music on the Internet. And as a music lover, I couldn't be more psyched for the makeover. See, something that's driven me nuts lately is that we have tons of music subscription services, but barely any freedom with them.

For instance, you can listen to Pandora (free, if you're willing to put up with ads) and listen to music that the Internet radio service chooses for you based on your preferences, and that's cool, because it might turn you onto artists you've never thought to listen to before. OR it might drive you crazy when you make a "Madonna Channel," hoping for some "Like a Prayer" action, and it starts spewing Milli Vanilli. Gross!


Or you can go to the ultimate online music store, Apple's iTunes, and listen to a preview of a track before shelling out $1.29 on average to download and "own" the track.

But Spotify seems like it's going to give us the best of both worlds: Instant access to ANY song, ANY artist, right away for free (with ads) or for a $4.99 or $9.99 monthly subscription rate. The cheaper one called Unlimited gets you ad-free listening, and the most expensive called Premium gets you unlimited access without ads, plus you can listen to whatever you like on a mobile device, as well as your computer, offline or online.

This is what we've all been waiting for! It's what we've always dreamed and imagined listening to music online should BE! Seriously, how many times have you thought, "Gee, I would absolutely LOVE to listen to 'Baby Got Back,' but it's not like I have a Sir Mix-a-Lot CD hanging around, and do I really need to pay $0.99 for that???" No prob. Spotify would have your back. Literally. You can search for it and listen to it in under 200 milliseconds. No joke! It's enough to make you think ... Pandora, iTunes, Google Music, Amazon Cloud Player, Rhapsody who?

Ahh, I have such a crush right now on this service, can you tell? Here's a video promo for Spotify that, I swear, will have you equally as excited ...

Are you psyched about Spotify?


Image via Abul Hassain/Flickr

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