U.S. Women's Soccer Team Hopes to Party Like It's 1999!

Abby Wambach

Not since the men's World Cup Finals a year ago has my productivity at work suffered so much! But all that make-up work later tonight is a well worth it sacrifice for watching the midday Women's World Cup Soccer semi-final against France that saw the U.S. team advance to the finals for the first time in 12 years!

Not to be unpatriotic or to downplay the greatness that is U.S. Women's Soccer but .... how the heck did this happen?! Despite scoring the first goal in the first half, France clearly dominated this match. The first part of the second half was downright depressing. I was so thinking this was not going to end well.

But then ... the most amazing thing happens ....


The team totally rallied. Like it usually does. Let me pause for a moment and just say that anyone who claims women's sports are boring are craaaazzzy. And they obviously haven't been watching this tournament. This team is full of surprises. Two of the three U.S. goals were scored within minutes of each other at the end of the game. When the team's youngest player, 22-year-old Alex Morgan, got the third and final goal, it was pretty evident that the team was going to the final match, which is this Sunday at 11:45 EST.

Goaltender Hope Solo deserves a lot of credit in this game, as always. France outplayed the Americans and had a couple of bad luck kicks that either hit the post or just missed. Their first and only goal was a well-played beauty that bounced tactfully right over the head and out of reach of Solo.

I love these women, their determination, drive, skill, power, and beauty. So much so that I am going to copy them in every way possible. I'm going to French braid my hair just like theirs. I'm going to wear pink sports bras under white shirts (you are officially awesome, Alex Morgan). I'm going to go around kicking everything I can find -- soccer balls, pillows, weeds, cans on the street.

Ride this high with me by checking out some Tweets I'm loving:

To the chagrin of corrupt foreign soccer refs everywhere, Team USA has advanced to the Women's World Cup   final!

Congratulations Team USA Ladies! Resiliency, determination, skill and GUTS! To the finals we go!

USA Women's Soccer going to the World Cup Finals. And we shall party like it's 1999.

Have you been watching the games? Are you excited?

Image via Scott Heavey/Getty

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