Jose Canseco Pays Big for Tweeting Ex's Phone Number

noteTurning his steroid use into a profitable tell-all book isn't the douchy-est, trashiest thing Jose Canseco has ever done. Tweeting a barrage of horrible things about his ex-girlfriend -- and then following those tweets up with one containing her phone number is. Or maybe the fact that he said he isn't sorry he did that is?

Over the weekend, the baseball legend unleashed all hell about his ex, Leila Shennib, on Twitter. Care for a sampling of the gems he wrote? How's this to wet your beak: "Little secret about Leila Shennib -- just offer her pot and she's an easy lay"? Classy, right?

However, nothing -- and I mean nothing -- compares to him giving the world this poor girl's phone number. Except maybe having his phone number given out by a Miami news blog.


What Canseco did is despicable. Immature. Stupid. Moronic. But don't we sort of expect such things from the former Ranger? It's the New Times that I'm kind of surprised about. Where do they get off getting so involved in this mess?

Well, here's where: Apparently the blog, rightfully so, was outraged that Canseco published Shennib's phone number. (Side bar: Shennib has been getting so many phone calls that Verizon actually called her to see if everything was okay.) They called up the six-time Major League All Star and told him they were going to publish his phone number as retribution. Words were exchanged. People hung up (Canseco) and called back (Canseco) numerous times. And the phone number was published.

I admire the zeal with which the blog sought retaliation, and the flat-out balls they have. But, really? You're really going there and getting that involved? A write-up of what transpired between you and that crazy lunatic would have probably done (almostnotreally) as much justice. Professional news blogs aren't supposed to publish athlete's or celebrity's phone numbers. That actually sounds illegal.

What's done is done, though, and we can all rest assured of one thing: Leila Shennib isn't the only person changing her phone number.

Do you think it was right to give Canseco's phone number out?

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