Facebook Was Better Before It Ate the Internet

mark zuckerberg facebookFacebook video chat may have just come out, but it's about to be old news ... at least according to one sneaky geek, Jeff Rose. The software developer claims to have spied new coding that indicates the addictive social network is about to launch a music service called Vibes. (With a name like that, is he sure it's not a sex toy store? Ha.) Rose says the app connects with a music download dialog, so it sounds like Mark Zuckerberg's "music offering" aims to be something on par with Apple's iTunes. Aims being the key word.

Really, I have to wonder what Zuck has in mind with this one. Doesn't he recall that music played a really big part in the decline of MySpace? And does he really think he can take on Apple, the obvious reigning royalty -- and some might argue monopoly -- of online music? If his past track record is any indication, I'll bet he does. But if Vibes actually happens, it's obviously a sign Facebook is spreading itself too thin.  


Think about it. Facebook wants to be everything to everyone. Social media, sure, but also games, check-ins, deal coupons, ads, photo sharing software, apps, chat client, email, Skype, ahhhhhh!!! Enough already! I swear, Zuck is attempting to co-opt every aspect of our computers we use in everyday life and make it a meaningful, useful part of Facebook. Maybe his ultimate plan (cue Dr. Evil laughter) is to make it so people can do everything they want online via Facebook. I bet he dreams he can one day buy Twitter, Foursquare, Groupon, Instagram, now iTunes, and any other successful, up-and-coming app to seamlessly integrate them into Facebook. Really, it's gotten almost to the point where it's nearing Out-of-Control-ville.

But I really, truly don't think most people want to rely solely on Facebook for everything they do. Especially downloading music. Sure, you might want to share what you're listening to with your friends, but there are other apps for that. Whatever happened to writing a personalized status update? (Oh wait, now you can get a status update generator to do that for you. Moronic.)

I just long for the days when Facebook really was what Zuck initially intended for it to be -- a straightforward, clean, sans dumb bells-and-whistles (aka the antithesis of MySpace) social network. Not the Wal-Mart of social media.

Do you agree Facebook has started spreading itself too thin? What do you think about the launch of a built-in music download app?


Image via Andrew Feinberg/Flickr

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