Turn Facebook Video Chat Glitch Into Mommy Spyware (Shhh!) (VIDEO)

video chatFirst, Mark Zuckerberg co-opted Twitter's news feed and @ mention capability. Then, he adopted Foursquare's "check-in" feature as Places. And now, interestingly just as Google+ is coming out with a way to group video chat with friends, Facebook has begun offering video chat to its users. As comedian Tom Kelly says, this could be a horrific development, because it means we now have to dress up and get a housekeeper in order to safely check Facebook. You don't want to be caught looking like a total slob should you get an unexpected video call from a Facebook friend, right?

Worse yet, Kelly says there's a bug in the system for Mac/Safari browser users, which makes it nearly impossible to hang up a video call once you've got it started. That means whomever you were video chatting with might be able to keep watching you well beyond saying, "Adios."


Scary? Perhaps. But this could be a blessing in disguise for some of us!

Say you're at the office and just want to check in and say "hi" to your babysitter and your kiddos. Outfit your casa with a big beautiful iMac, only install Safari, and then, when your sitter can't hang up the call on her end, voila! Built-in sitter spy cam! (No teddy bear a la The Nanny Diaries required.)

Or you wanna make sure your college kid is on his best behavior. Check in via Facebook chat! Junior might think he is pretty adept with Facebook and her new MacBook, but he can't outsmart Facebook's video chat bug. Say goodbye and then watch as he uses really foul language, experiments with drugs, and arranges a hook-up with his new friend-with-benefits.

You could also use it to keep tabs on your hubby while he "works from home." You know a lot of men aren't very good at noticing the "little things," like the tiny green glowing light at the top of their screen, which is the only indicator that the cam is still on.

I kid, I kid (for the most part)! But it is good to know that Facebook is making it even easier for us to stalk our loved ones every day!

Check out the super-funny Tom Kelly video about the bug:

Do you plan on using Facebook video chat? Would you ever use it to spy on someone?


Image via Rob Boudon/Flickr

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