I Need a 'Photo Face' to Save Me From Looking Ugly in Pictures

Have you ever noticed that Angelina Jolie always manages to looks gorgeous, even in those purposefully unflattering paparazzi shots? Even when the photo accompanies some awful B.S. article like 'ANGIE STRUGGLES WITH HEROIN ADDICTION, BRAD SAYS HE'S HAD ENOUGH!' and they dig up something that makes her look scrawny and sickly, her face still looks amazing.

Angelina Jolie just has one of those faces that doesn't have a bad angle. Me, I have the exact opposite problem—my face is full of bad angles. In the right conditions, I'm pleasant enough to look at, but it's all too easy for a camera to catch my least favorite features. (Helloooo, puffy eye-bags and droopy jawline.)

Most of the photos I appear in never make it out of the dusty recesses of my iPhoto folders, and I've recently learned why: I need to come up with a photo face.


According to this article, every modern woman should have their own 'photo face'—a premeditated pose that’s ready to go whenever a camera is present. Considering the number of places your photo can show up on these days, thanks to cameraphones and forty trillion social media options, a go-to photo face gives you the best chance at being satisfied with what the camera saw…and avoiding the grim task of untagging your name from more than one haunting double-chinned images.

I definitely haven't figured out my photo face yet, but I know what I need to work on:

Don't tilt my head down, because that creates all sorts of unflattering shadows.

Don't squint. Wow. Like, ever.

Don't attempt a "humorous" action shot.

But maybe don't worry about this stuff too much, because even if I don't screw up the photo, I can count on someone else to do so.

Finding your photo face can be a challenge, but whatever you do, avoid going the all-too-common "I Want to Look Like Angelina" duckface route. As for me, I think I'll continue hoping the camera magically catches me mid-laugh, because no matter how goofy I look, those are the images I enjoy looking back on.

Do you have a photo face? Do you need one?

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