Hacker Who Defaced David Beckham Website Totally Dropped the Ball

david beckhamWith all this Victoria and David Beckham baby news, you probably haven't had much time to conduct your usual research regarding anything else pertaining to the couple. Enter me. Your personal David Beckham informant. And, boy, do I have a doozy for you. Well, sort of.

Here's the dirt: Coinciding with the birth of the soccer star's new daughter, Harper Seven, some joker hacked into DavidBeckham.com over the weekend and left some weird, cryptic, totally idiotic image.

Want to know what it was?


It's a picture of a dog attempting to eat a billboard featuring dog food (cute), with the odd message: ScooterDaShooter=FAIL.

Um, what? What kind of bull s**t hack job is this? And what does that message mean? After a Google search for "ScooterDaShooter," it seems like he's some sort of avid gamer. So then is this hacker Scooter himself, or an arch rival of his since it says he's a "Fail"? And why the accompanying image? Whatever this hacker was attempting to do was one giant fail, 'cause I don't understand this crap. Not even a little.

This dude has his big shot. He hacked into a major sport star's site -- at a time that tons of people were probably going to it since his wife had just given birth -- and totally dropped the ball. He had the world's attention -- okay, David Beckham fans' attention -- and this is what he chose to do? Lame.

Although, I am glad I now know about that dog eating a billboard meme. It's pretty damn cute.

What do you think of this weird hack job on David Beckham's site?


Image via CLF/Flickr

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