Yankees' Derek Jeter Hits 3,000 & You Can Win His Dirty Sock

minka kelly yankee stadium
Minka Kelly (center) cheering
for boyfriend Derek Jeter
Minka Kelly, the Jeter family, and fans cheered as New York Yankee Derek Jeter slugged a homerun for his 3,000th career hit in a game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium today. The Yankees beat the Rays 5-4. 

Jeter is only the 28th player to reach the 3,000th milestone, the second to do it with a home run (Wade Boggs was the first) and the first New York Yankee to do so.

The 24-year-old fan who caught the ball gave it back to Jeter and the Yankees rewarded him with four suite tickets for the rest of the season (sweet) and bats, balls and jerseys signed by Jeter. But he and Jeter aren't the only two who got lucky today.

Brandon Steiner is rubbing his hands together with glee too.



Steiner is the president of Steiner sports -- a major sponsor of Jeter -- which holds the contract to auction all kinds of crazy things:

  • He can sell five gallons of dirt scooped up from the infield and dugout after the historic game. (A half-ounce of Yankee dirt goes for more than $250.)
  • A dirty sock from the historic game will bring Steiner at least $1,000 (dirty Jeter socks from regular games go for about $500).
  • Cleats from one of Jeter's shoes, will be auctioned online, fetching up to $10,000 a piece.
  • Bases will go for $7,500 each.
  • The 30 game balls sell for $2,500 signed ($2,000 unsigned).

You can bet Steiner is living it up tonight!


How much would you pay for one of Derek Jeter's dirty socks from his 3,000th hit game?


Image via Nick Laham/Getty

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