Hines Ward Admitted His Addiction: Will His DUI Arrest Be His Wakeup Call?

hines ward mug shotHines Ward Mug ShotHines Ward's fancy footwork and awesome moves have made him who he is today: a Dancing With the Stars champion and Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver. But in the wee hours of Saturday morning, his moves were a bit off and he was arrested in Dekalb County, Georgia, for suspicion of driving under the influence. Ward was booked and charged and then released on bond. There aren't many other details except that Ward insists he wasn't drunk.

He issued this statement through his manager:


On July 9th Hines Ward was stopped by Dekalb Co. police for suspicion of misdemeanor driving under the influence. He cooperated fully with the police and truthfully answered all of their questions. We are currently in the process of ascertaining all the facts. From our preliminary investigation we can tell you that we are confident that the facts will show that Hines was NOT impaired by alcohol while driving. However, Hines is deeply saddened by this incident and apologizes to his fans and the Steelers organization for this distraction.

Assuming Ward is telling the truth, what could have made his driving so erratic that police thought he was drunk? Well, a little sleuthing on my part has uncovered the fact that just yesterday Ward admitted he had a problem. He confessed via twitter:

Thanks for the posts. I'm glad to see I'm not alone in my addiction. Today driving home from workouts, my phone was off and I was singing songs all the way home. Haha and it felt good to not hear that phone make any noise. Really going to work on it.

I don't do it when my son is in the car. It's a bad habit of mine when I'm driving alone.

I know it's dangerous. Trust me, I love my LIFE! But it's a bad habit I have. So let's help each other to knock my habit.

So what was Ward talking about? Drinking? Drugs? Dancing while driving? Nope, it seems Ward has a little problem with texting:

How many of you guys and gals text while driving? I am bad at doing that. It's very unsafe. Help remind me from time to time to stop texting, tweeting, or facebook while driving. Let's help each other!

So there you have it. Case solved.

I don't think Ward Hines was drunk at all, I think he was texting. But that doesn't make it any less serious. Texting while driving is incredibly dangerous. Fortunately, Ward knows he has a problem and he's admitted it. As they say, that's the first step in overcoming any addiction. Maybe this arrest and the embarrassment he'll undoubtedly feel because of it, will be his wakeup call. Maybe Ward Hines will stop texting while driving. That is, if he isn't drunk.

Do you think Ward Hines was drunk or texting when he was pulled over by police for DUI?

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