Derek Jeter Should Celebrate 3,000th Hit Like a DIVA

derek jeterYankee shortstop Derek Jeter is poised to make history, and soon. Having already counted 2,998 hits in his 16-year career in the Major Leagues, Jeter will become the 28th man in history to get to 3,000 hits. It could happen in tonight's game, or Saturday's -- depends on how the old slugger is feeling. Three thousand hits is a huge deal in sports and baseball history; Derek will join a list of names that includes baseball mainstays like Cal Ripken Jr., Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente, and Wade Boggs.

It will be an exciting moment when Derek gets his 3,000th hit and I'm sure fans at Yankee Stadium can't wait to cheer their faces off when they witness the historical accomplishment.

But once the hit is over, once Jeter's in the books, how should he celebrate? 


Maybe after Jeter's crossed the baseball milestone off his list, he'll want to cross a personal milestone and marry Hollywood fiance Minka Kelly. They've been engaged now for over seven months ... could there be a celebratory fall wedding in their future?

Or maybe a call from President Obama would be a nice way to ring in the 3,000th. I just hope Jeter doesn't screen like this woman did, or he'd miss the whole thing.

Or what about after Jeter gets that last hit he needs, he drops his bat like a rap-battler would drop his mic, and saunters off the field and into the dugout like a real diva. He could announce his retirement the next day.

Or maybe Jeter would like to move on to another sport after pretty much owning baseball -- he could try out for an NBA team, or maybe take up golf. Hey, stranger things have happened. Remember when Michael Jordan played baseball?

Do you think Jeter likes celebrating big moments with random strangers in their disgustingly small apartments? If I offered him upside-down pineapple cake, would he want to come over? We could watch Friday Night Lights on DVD and cheers to his career. Slumber party!

How do you think Jeter should celebrate his 3,000th hit?

Photo via chris.ptacket/Flickr

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