Justin Timberlake ESPY Ad Shows Why He's an Actor, Not an Athlete (VIDEO)

justin timberlake i love sports videoJustin Timberlake may be capable of bringing sexy back and lockin' down Friends With Benefits. But that certainly doesn't mean we should assume the pop-star-turned-singer is capable of EVERYTHING. For instance, he's no Olympic champion. And he stinks at wrestling, swimming, field hockey, and pretty much any sport where he fails to fend off balls flying at his, erm, body part of the same name. Or at least that's what the ESPY Awards would have us believe!

The sports achievement awards show, which will premiere on July 13 on ESPN, tapped JT to be the star of their latest promo. That's because this year, he's presenting the Capital One Cup trophy, which honors top college athletes. In the clip, Timberlake has to learn what the TRUE meaning of being a successful athlete is. Hint: It's not just about fierce competition. Otherwise, it seems his clearly intimidating blue bodysuit and cape get-up would have worked very well for him in the wrestling ring.

Here's the video:


My favorite part just might be when the little girl hands him the tissue. Adorable overload! But my least favorite part? The third ... fourth ... etc. times he gets hit in the crotch by a rogue ball. That had to hurt, right?! Poor JT.

But I'm sure it was all for a good cause.

What do you think of the video? Are you going to watch the ESPYs?


Image via YouTube

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