Tennis Star Makes Ultimate Cellphone Faux Pas (VIDEO)

Alize Cornet
Oops! Did I do that?
Before golf swings, tennis matches, and movies, there's always some sort of announcement about silencing your phone. I guess 69th ranked tennis player Alize Cornet was in her locker room prepping for her match against the world's top player and didn't hear the umpire's cellphone reminder. Oops.

During a first round match of the Swedish Open, #1 Caroline Wozniacki was serving for the match when she heard the most annoying sound in the world. Nope, not a child whining, but the ring a ding ding of an abandoned cellphone. Annoyed, Wozniacki stopped mid-serve to wait for the perp to turn off the damn thing, when Cornet suddenly rushed to the sidelines and started rummaging through her, uh, ringing duffel bag. Oops again.


Cornet seemed sufficiently embarrassed by the whole thing as the crowd giggled, and she returned to her spot on the baseline, cell safely silenced on the sidelines. The distraction messed up Wozniacki a bit, Cornet broke serve, but Woz won the second game and took the match 6-4, 6-4.

I don't know. Maybe Cornet is on to something. She was certainly able to prolong her match against the top ranked Woz -- will we start hearing more strategic distractions go off during crucial moments in sports? Technology could really come in handy in winning some games. A little watch alarm here, a little Game Boy there, a little restart noise on a laptop ... the possibilities are endless.

Thankfully Woz was pretty chill about the whole thing -- could you imagine what it'd be like if some hot head's opponent's cell went off? What would John McEnroe had done if Jimmy Connors' phone went off? Yeesh.

Has your cell ever gone off in an embarrassing or inopportune moment?

WATCH Cornet's cell disrupt Wozniacki's serve:

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