Model Will Pose Nude if Soccer Team Wins America Cup

larissa riquelmeA model named Larissa Riquelme must really LOVE football (aka soccer here in the States). Otherwise, why would she be so hell-bent on stripping down for her favorite soccer team ... year after year? Ha, I'm not kidding. Last year, she promised to run naked through the streets if Paraguay won the 2010 World Cup. And this past weekend, she made a similar promise. She said that if Paraguay wins the Copa America, she'll pose nude on the soccer field.

While that may be a big motivator for her fave team, I'm not sure they have to worry about winning in order to see Riquelme strip. Last year, even though the team lost to Spain in the quarterfinals of last year's World Cup, the model decided to sprint around in the buff anyway. She claimed her nude run was "a present to all of the players, and for all the people in Paraguay to enjoy."

Well, you gotta give the woman credit for having healthy self-esteem, huh?!


Honestly, I kind of wish our sports teams got in on some of this sexy naked business! Why shouldn't athletes and the rest of us get treated to pretty naked people if a team wins? But, for some reason, I just can't see our celebs, you know, someone like Kim Kardashian, offering to run or pose nude on behalf of the New Jersey Nets.

What do you think about the model's offer?


Image via Audrey Pilato/Flickr

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