Brett Favre Challenges Michael Vick for Most Hated NFL Player

Brett FavreBrett Favre is talking about coming back out of retirement. Again. And rumor has it the Philadelphia Eagles would love to sign the controversial quarterback to back up Michael Vick.

It's as if Philly fans don't have enough on their plate being named the meanest in America by GQ. But with the hatred that already circles around Vick, could it possibly get any worse? Brett Favre might actually be the "good one" in Philly. Just take a look at the evidence:


Brett Favre: Caught sending pictures of his penis and other sexts to TV host Jenn Sterger, Favre's developed a reputation for sexually harassing women. Add to that the fact that his wife (and childhood sweetheart) Deanna has said she's aware he's cheated on her multiple times. Oh yeah, and Deanna's a breast cancer survivor -- a sympathetic victim if there ever was one.

On the field, things haven't been much better -- at least not in recent years. The 20-year NFL veteran was a celebrated star in Green Bay, with one Super Bowl win under his belt for the Packers and countless division championships. But since his first "retirement announcement" in early 2008, Favre has been jerking the fans around with "will he or won't he play" antics, and people are getting tired of it.

Survey says: Favre is an egotist. Typical quarterback mentality, but the way he treats women is disgusting.

Michael Vick: The current Eagles QB spent 19 months in prison for a dogfighting conviction based on a kennel he ran out of his Virginia home. He's made amends, including time served and time spent talking to kids about treating animals humanely, but his crime stands. The dogs were still hurt.

And who can forget Vick's infamous herpes-spreading incident? Before the dogs, he settled a case with a health care worker who said he had unprotected sex with her despite knowing he could spread an STD.

Survey says: Does it get any lower than hurting defenseless animals? Really?

So would Philly be any worse off with Favre? Or does Vick already hold the title for most hated QB in the NFL?


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