'World Championship Baby' Contest Celebrates Giants' Fans Sex Lives (VIDEO)

world championship baby contestIf you're eligible for the San Francisco Giants' World Championship Baby contest, last year was a good year for you. Not only did you get pregnant, your team won the World Series. Woo-hoo! Go you! Soak it up, 'cause it's all downhill from here.

I kid. Babies are lovely. But so is this ingenious idea the marketing wizards over at camp Giants came up with. They're awarding a $2,010 gift card, a secured brick at AT&T Park with the baby's name, and an official certificate signed by the Giants to the baby that was conceived closest to their 2010 World Series win (which also happens to be their first World Series win). So, to those of you in the Bay Area who had drunk celebratory sex after the Giants beat the Rangers, it's finally paying off!

You know, aside from the little bundle of joy you'll soon have ...


I've gotta say, aside from Flipping Out coming back, this has to be one of the most uplifting things I've seen in a while. Combining the victorious feelings of a World Series win with adorable, little babies? This contest is a home run! (Sorry.)

I just hope there isn't a die-hard Giants fan out there who gets the bright idea to induce labor or time a Cesarean section around this. That would be just foul. (Not sorry.)

Check out the cute video for the contest:

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Image/video via CSN

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