Taylor Lautner Finds Humor in the NFL Lockout (VIDEO)

taylor lautnerHey, 'member yesterday when I was all, "I want the NFL lockout to end 'cause it'd be nice for my husband and dad and blah blah blah"? Well, to hell with them. I'm rescinding that statement because an awesome new Funny or Die video just came out called "Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout" starring Taylor Lautner, Ray Liotta, and a whole mess of NFL players. And it's kind of amazing.

The premise: Oh, who cares about the premise, we get to watch Taylor Lautner for 3 minutes and 27 seconds. And he's good in it. And we have the lockout to thank! For this fine piece of cinema -- and the majority of the actors in it -- would have never come to be if training camp were around the corner. Don't think of me as being anti-football, think of me as being pro-the arts.


For those of you who are wondering -- you know who you are -- let me answer you: No, Taylor doesn't take his shirt off in the short. But he is really funny. And honestly, what's sexier than a man with a sense of humor? But, seriously, would one shirtless shot have killed the director?

Check out the video for yourself:

How great is this?


Image via Funny or Die

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