Joe Biden on Twitter Will Lead to Hilarious TMI

vice president joe bidenVice President Joe Biden, known for his big mouth and slightly offbeat sense of humor, isn't exactly the kind of guy who easily flies under the radar. He's actually kind of a ham. That's why it's sort of befuddling that the guy hasn't had much of a social media presence. Sure, we all know President Obama mastered the art of utilizing the Internet for political campaigning, but I guess that doesn't necessarily mean his buddy Biden has been onboard all the way ... until now.

As of yesterday, July 4, the VP has his own Twitter account, aptly named @VP. Unfortunately, it's not known whether or not we'll be getting any personalized tweets from the veep himself. His first tweet was a formal, third-person tribute to our troops and military families, which -- don't get me wrong -- was awesome. But it would be a wee bit more entertaining if the White House lets the political vet be himself here and there.

Will you follow @VP on Twitter?


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