Nike Makes Michael Vick Rich Again: Do You Approve?

michael vickMichael Vick's life is getting back to normal -- not normal as in you and me normal or normal as in ex-con normal (which he is after having served 18 months in prison for running a dogfighting operation) but normal as in rich, famous athlete normal.

Not only is Vick, 31, the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles (he signed a deal with them in 2009), but he's now on Nike's rather hefty payroll again. After dropping Vick from its endorsement roster 4 years ago, when he was the man animal lovers (and everyone else) loved to hate, Nike has given him a new deal.


There's no word on how much he's getting, but since Vick was once the highest paid player in the NFL, it's probably a pretty sweet deal. Nike has been giving him free products since his return to football almost two years ago.

Nike says it doesn't condone Vick's "past mistakes" (read: dog killing), but thinks that he's made "positive changes" to "better himself off the field." Either that or the company just can't see past those dollar signs.

Do you think Nike was right to give Michael Vick an endorsement deal?

Image via warpafx/Flickr

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