Love Letter by Michael Jordan Shows He Was a Real Player

michael jordanWhen I was little, I wanted to be "like Mike," as in Michael Jordan. Not in the sense that I had aspirations to become a 6'6" basketball star. (Duh, that was right around the time I realized I would never break 5 feet!) But I wanted to be cool, you know? He was a hero, a SUPERSTAR to any kid growing up in the early '90s -- especially to those of us growing up in Chicago. With MJ, the Bulls took basketball to a whole new level. 

But rewind a mere decade, and MJ was just a regular high school kid, writing a love note to his prom date. Oh, yes, it's true! Someone dug up said love note, and it was auctioned off as sports memorabilia in 2004 for over $5K! And now, the website Letters of Note has it up for anyone to read. It's really wild to think of the basketball legend as just some lovestruck, flirtatious, gawky teen guy.

Here, eight things we learned about 18-year-old MJ from his love letter to a girl named Laquette ...

  1. He was a brainiac. He wrote the love letter in Advanced Chemistry class. (I remember that class; it made me cry, and I barely got by with a C.) But I guess as it turns out, Jordan was a brain and a jock all in one?? Whoa, he put those Breakfast Club kids to shame.
  2. He didn't pay attention in class. He remarks toward the end of the letter, "Well I have spent my time very wisely by write to you." I guess he was so smart that he didn't even need to take notes during his teacher's lecture or conduct any kind of experiment during his Chemistry class.
  3. He was a gentleman. He not only says he hopes his object of affection is doing well, but he sends his regards to her family! Whoa. That's some old-school chivalrous behavior right there.
  4. He was a big flirt. Full of compliments for his lady!
  5. And a cocky one at that. After complimenting Laquette on being pretty, he qualifies it by saying, "Please don't let this go to your head. (smile)" and "I want you to know that my feeling for you has not change yet. <- joke" Alrighty then, MJ!
  6. He had a cool dad. His dad took the whole basketball team out to eat on his birthday.
  7. He had high standards. Noting that it was going to be difficult for them to get together for a date it seems Laquette had proposed earlier (perhaps for Valentine's?), he says, "If I do get the chance to come please have some activity for us to do together." In other words, MJ won't settle for just hanging out on this chick's couch. There needs to be mini-golf or bowling pre-planned. Ha!
  8. He had beautiful penmanship! I never would have guessed. Does anyone know how to write cursive like that anymore??

Now, I swear, I will never look at MJ the same way again. He may be a Fruit of the Loom spokesperson/Nike Air king/living legend of a hoopster, but at some point, he totally was just a lovestruck teen. Superstar athletes: They're just like us!

What do you think of Michael Jordan's love letter?


Image via Marcin Wichary/Flickr

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