Serena Williams' ESPYs Ad Shows She's All Diva (VIDEO)

serena williams espysSerena Williams may be out at Wimbledon, and that's a bummer, but I'm sure she'll still be having some fun over the course of the summer. At the very least the tennis star will get to share the spotlight with fellow athletes and dress up like a prom queen the night of the annual ESPYs, or Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Awards (kind of like the sports industry's Oscars) on July 13.

Prom queen? What? Yes, you read that right. Williams has adopted a "Class of 2011" Glee-esque alter-ego to promote sports' big night out. In the vid, she SINGS!, plays the clarinet!, and -- as if that weren't enough -- trades flirtatious glances and comments ("You'll always be my queen!") with comedian Seth Meyers, who is hosting the awards show on ESPN.


Now, okay, we knew Serena had unique fashion sense and even her own clothing line Aneres, but did anyone else think she could carry a tune? Or pull off Marilyn-esque silk gloves and a tiara so well? I, for one, had no idea!

But it's definitely entertaining and does its job of piquing my interest in the ESPYs.

The awards show is kind of like one of those MTV ones where the audience decides who wins, which is pretty cool. So you can go to ESPN to click around and vote for awards in categories like "Best Breakthrough Athlete" and "NFL Strongest Performance Award." I don't think Serena herself is up for an ESPY, but I do agree with Seth Meyers. Wimbledon win or not, she'll always be the U.S. tennis queen!

Here's the promo video so you can check out her smooth musical moves.

Will you watch the ESPYs?


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