Andy Murray's 'MILF' Mom Roots for His Opponent at Wimbledon

andy murrayIf Andy Murray were my son, I'd be proud. He's handsome, he's ranked the number four tennis player in the world, and he seems like a perfectly nice guy. And I'm sure his mom, Judy Murray, is. But it's another tennis player that's hogging all of her affections these days.

After taking in a match the other day, Judy tweeted a tweet that her son will never be able to un-read. She wrote: "Oooooooooh Deliciano.......looking good out there. As always." Deliciano is in reference to the 29-year-old Spanish tennis player Feliciano Lopez.

And like any child who discovers their parents aren't sexless, pulseless robots, Andy was pissed. In fact he had a few choice words for ol' Judy.


Andy fired off a barrage of retaliation tweets against his mother, but the one that I think captures the spirit of what most kids would feel is this one:

I think it's about time she stopped that nonsense. Makes me want to throw up. It's disgusting.

It is disgusting. And not only for the fact that a mom hitting on a son's friend conjures images of boozey seductresses in bosom-hugging clothes with cigarettes resting between their lips (accompanied by inevitable discussions about "divorce" and "real men"), it's kind of like Judy was rooting for somebody else on the court.

No, the two players weren't up against each other (although they could meet up in the quarterfinals), but still. When parents attend children's sporting events, they should be focusing on their kids and their kids only. Sure, it's okay to enjoy a couple beers, a plate of nachos, and some joking around with friends, but they definitely shouldn't be singing other players' praises (especially when said praises are about their general sexy-ness). They should be there to support their kid.

If I were Andy, aside from being mad and grossed out by my mother, I also imagine I'd feel a small hint of animosity towards Lopez -- for no good reason, other than the fact that my mother was getting a lady boner from him.

Not cool, Judy. Not cool at all. If you're going to act this way, I think Andy should just dis-invite you from all his matches. And take away your Twitter.

What do you think of Judy Murray's behavior?


Image via chascow/Flickr

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