Tiger Woods Plays Up His Sex Scandal for New Ads

Tiger WoodsGood news for Tiger Woods! After his sex scandal drove away the endorsement deals one naughty revelation at a time, they're starting to trickle back in. The deals, that is, not the girls.

So this means the golfer can finally put the whole disaster behind him and get back into the swing of things, right? Yeah. No. The first endorsement deal for Tiger comes from Japan, land of the geisha and naughty Asian porn. So any guesses on what kind of "sports" must-have Tiger will be peddling in the land of the rising sun?


Who guessed a "muscle relaxing heat rub"? Give yourself a mistress, er, a prize! While companies like AT&T and PepsiCo still are following the lead of STD-wary American women in saying they won't touch the golfer with a 10-foot pole, Japanese based Kowa Co. has Tiger signed up to hawk the rub beginning with commercials in mid-July.

Technically this falls very much in the golfer's purview. He hasn't been on the links in a professional manner in nearly two months thanks to injuries he sustained during the Masters back in April. He could definitely use a little muscle relaxing.

Nor is he the first down-on-his-luck American athlete Kowa has jumped on to talk up its heat. Boston Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka (OK, so he's technically Japanese) has pushed the product, and he happens to be recovering from Tommy John surgery. Athlete + pain = athlete who can talk about pain relief.

But come on! Sex scandal-plagued athlete hawking heat rub. If the thought didn't at least wander through the minds of the marketing team at Kowa, those folks need to be fired. I'm calling it: Tiger's figured out how to work his sex scandal to give him more than just a lot more sex than the average American. Now it's getting him sports endorsement deals. Who needs to win tournaments when you're bringing the bucks back in as an "athlete"?

What do you think? Happy coincidence or is someone having a little fun with Tiger's past?


Image familymwr/Flickr

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