TwitPic Founder Overshares His Naked Arrest Photos

cop carSometimes we just want to take an evening stroll. Naked. Sue us. Actually, arrest us. Okay! That's exactly what happened to TwitPic founder Noah Everett last night. Dude was just doing what any self-respecting social media mogul would do, taking a post-dinner walk in the buff, when lo and behold, the cops pulled up and snatched him. Stupid fuzz.

The best part of this story is what Noah did after the arrest. Hint: It's exactly what you would expect from the founder of TwitPic.


Yes, he posted a photo of himself on TwitPic. No, not naked, you sick pervert. In the back of the cop car.

His first Tweet read, "Getting arrested ... in the back of a cop car now"; his next was his TwitPic; his third was, "I guess you can’t walk down your own street half naked…who knew -- I got a free ride home by the nice police officer"; and his final read, "By half naked, I mean naked."

Oh my God, this dude is so nutty. Not only did he walk around naked -- with his phone for some reason? -- he Tweeted from the scene of the crime! What a trail-blazer! Everett is taking the over-sharing world we live in to a whole new level. And, no, that's not a good thing!

I've come to terms with the fact that when I scroll through social media sites, I'm inevitably going to encounter irksome sentences like, "Sent the hubs to the grocery store today without a list -- this should be interesting!" And I'm also going to have to be notified when a random person I went to high school with "checks in" to Chipotle. But the photos is where I draw the line.

Post photos of your beautiful vacation, your sister's wedding, your chance encounter with a B-level celebrity. Those photos are lovely and interesting. It's the "peek behind the curtain" photos I could do without. The weird, totally personal (totally boring) photos that kind of seem like bragging.

Listen, I'm sorry that your kitchen sink pipes are busted, but I don't need photographic proof. I'm glad you snagged a pair of Marc Jacobs flats at 50 percent off, but a simple sentence will suffice. And it sucks that you got arrested for walking around town like a flasher sans a coat, but don't put me in the back of the cop car with you. It's too much! And it's nothing to brag about.

Mr. Everett, you have a lot to be boastful of. You invented something my brain could never even begin to conceive of. You're rich as s**t. You win. We're impressed. But bragging about sitting in the back of a squad car? Any idiot can do that. And it's a boring photo.

What do you think of Noah posting a TwitPic of himself in a cop car?


Image via davidsonscott15/Flickr

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