Google Social Network Is a Facebook Killer

google  circlesThey've brought us the best email on the web, the best search engine, the best maps, even awesome smartphones. Is there anything Google can't do? Oh yeah! Compete with Facebook ... until NOW! The Internet giant will soon be launching its social network project, Google+ or Google Plus, and the buzz (no pun intended) surrounding it is reaching a fever pitch. Although it's still a mystery in some ways, Google has released a good chunk of info about Google+'s features.

For instance, there's Google+ Circles, which allows you to drag and drop contacts (one at a time, or multiple at a time) into various groups for easy sharing. Because don't you usually share one type of story with your parents and relatives and another with your college friends? Yes, totally! You'll also be able to use Photos to upload tons of pics from your smartphone to your Google+ account (which Facebook definitely doesn't allow you to do yet).


Then there's Sparks, which "digests your interests" and offers up stories, videos, and photos you might like, a la news, YouTube, and image-based Pandora. Plus it will even have something similar to a News Feed, which integrates all of the other moving parts (like content from your Circles).

But one of the coolest known features by far I'd say is Hangouts, which lets you video chat with one friend or several, on the spur of the moment or at a set time/date. Then people who can see your activity can join in, almost as if they were dropping by the bar to chill with you and your girls for happy hour. Sweet!

And all of this? Yeah, it's just the beginning! Um, Mark Zuckerberg? I think the Google folks are about to give you a run for your social network moolah!

I would venture to guess that there will be a lot of people jumping on board to use Google+ right out of the gate, and although it may seem foreign to us at first, it all sounds so intuitive that we'll probably get the hang of the Google+ world pretty quickly.

Personally, I've been on Facebook since its early, college kids-only days, but I could definitely see myself switching over to something like Google+ if it met all of my social networking needs just as well or better than Zuckerberg's world. If Google+ turns out to be everything we hope it will, I really wouldn't be surprised if many of us ditched the 'book.

What do you think about Google+? Could you see yourself using it instead of Facebook?


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