Cirque du Soleil Performer Puts Pitchers to Shame (VIDEO)

cirque du soleil throwing first pitch

Psst. You over there. In front of the computer. Killing time 'til it's 5:00. I have something fun for you. Here's a video of a Cirque du Soleil performer throwing the first pitch at Monday's Padres-Royals game at Petco Park. You will not be sorry you watched it. Wait, go back to your TPS report, your boss is coming!

Just kidding. She's probably watching this video, too. 'Cause it's the most impressive thing you'll ever see at a baseball game. Dude does this gravity-defying, double back-flip thing -- on the uneven mound -- then throws a perfect strike! Some pitchers can't even do that after just standing there. Just ... do yourself a favor and watch the video after the jump. You won't be sorry. Happy Tuesday, y'all!


How cool is this? Hot dog!


Image via MLB

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