Funny Social Media Misnomers: Do You Have a 'Tweeter' Account?

social mediaWhen you blog, follow blogs, post on Tumblr, visit YouTube daily, if not hourly, take Twitter and Facebook for granted, you practically live on the Internet. Or at least, you live a certain lifestyle that encompasses all of this social media, and you forget that others don't understand how to re-tweet or "like" a status update. It's almost impossible to comprehend that today, in mid-2011, there are people out there who don't have a clue what it's all about.

But, oh wow, are there people who are living totally off the grid as far as we technophiles are concerned!

For instance, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts was interviewed this past weekend and was asked what he thinks about the court's use of social media. His response was priceless.


Some members of the court are more adept at that than others. I don't think any of us have a Facebook page or a tweet -- whatever that is. But technology is making inroads. I wouldn't want followers on the Tweeter [sic] or people going to the Facebook page.

"A tweet!" "The Tweeter!" Bahahahaha! That's just so silly, you know? Chief Justice Roberts is definitely getting mocked for his social media misnomers, but it's not like he's the only one who persists in using the wrong terms. Sometimes, I'm seriously shocked by how many people still don't have any idea what they're talking about when it comes to the social media so many of us use on a daily basis. 

Take my mom, for instance. She's gotten better, but only about a year or so ago, she said something like, "I saw this video on YouTubes." Hahahaha. My boyfriend still makes fun of that to this day. Another one we love to use in everyday convo: Courtesy of George W. Bush back in '06, "Yep, when I need maps and stuff, I use The Google!" Tee hee. Never gets old!

Hey, it's okay, not everyone is fluent in Internet-ese, or spends their days and nights surfin' the web. That's quite alright. These people are actually probably better off in some ways! But that doesn't mean all of us web nerds aren't going to chuckle when someone says they refuse to open a "Tweeter account."

What's the funniest misnomer you've heard someone use in reference to technology or the web?

Image via Jeff Turner/Flickr

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