New 'Facebook' Song Gets More 'Likes' Than Rebecca Black (VIDEO)

madelaine zammitFacebook is such a huge part of our everyday lives now, it's no wonder the social network has entire songs devoted to it. One such song was recently written by an Australian teen named Madelaine Zammit, and it's become a hit Down Under and here in the States. In fact, Zammit might just be the next Rebecca Black or real-life Rachel Berry -- except BETTER, because she's not singing about "Friday" or her headband, thank goodness!

At the beginning of June, Zammit posted the video, which features her strumming her guitar and singing quirky lyrics about the social network, like how she can't stand her female peers for "posting photos of them[selves] wearing nothing but their extensions." She also sings, "I'm sure you're nice, but your status has got to go" and mentions how 40-year-old men try to friend her. HA! So funny, because it's -- sadly -- so TRUE.


Obviously, lots of people can relate, because as of this morning, Zammit's video had been viewed 156,462 times and had 3,246 "likes." She's gotten tons of positive feedback and requests for her song to be sold on iTunes.

It's awesome to hear that Zammit's already garnered lots of attention for her video, because she's actually an aspiring musician. She has five other songs, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. But she wants to hold off on pursuing a formal career until she's done with high school. Hmm ... Rebecca, if you're out there -- I loved ya in the "Last Friday Night (TGIF)" video, but you should still take a tip from Madelaine!

Check out the new YouTube sensation's video here ...

What do you think of Madelaine Zammit and her "Facebook" song?



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