Tennis Pro Novak Djokovic Can't Win Wimbledon Without His Dog!

luomo vogue novak djokovicTennis player Novak Djokovic may be kicking butt at Wimbledon, but he's probably not the happiest camper today. He was on his way to the tennis tournament when British authorities told him he couldn't bring his prized pooch, Pierre into the country to watch him play. He's now fighting Pierre's case "at the highest level,"  the London Telegraph reports. Oh yes, the handsome, second best male tennis player in the world is hopelessly devoted to his doggy. Pierre even has a Twitter account and appeared on the cover of the July edition of Men's Vogue or L'Uomo Vogue.

I know, it's a bit off-putting at first, right? What world-renowned athlete moons over his puppy? A fluffy, white TOY poodle nonetheless? Psshh. Crazy, right?!

Well, not quite ...



Plenty of athletes use lucky charms. Tiger Woods has a "lucky" red polo, while Michael Jordan always wore his university shorts under his team shorts for good luck. In the past, Serena Williams has worn the same pair of shorts through an entire tournament, because she believed they helped her win. There's no shame in clinging to these tokens of fortune. Research even proves they help! (Likely because superstitions make the athletes feel more confident.)

So, Novak's lucky charm happens to be a dog! So what? I think that's an even better lucky charm than most. He doesn't even have to wear it, so it's less likely to interfere with his game play. Novak just wants Pierre to hang out in the stands with his long-time girlfriend, Jelena Ristic, so the two can cheer him on. They've made a habit of doing so at other clay-court tournaments, and who knows -- they very well could play a part in Novak's successful track record! He may very well feel he needs Pierre to win Wimbledon!

Beyond the good luck aspect, I totally understand where Novak's coming from as a dog owner. Pierre's not just a pet; he's Djokovic's furry family. He belongs at Wimbledon. With hope, the British authorities will soon realize letting Novak's lucky charm into the tournament is no big woof!

What do you think about athletes clinging to lucky charms?


Image via L'Uomo Vogue

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