The iGuy Will Protect Your iPad Like No One Else!

iGuy cover for ipadMy kids have dropped my iPad more times than I can count. It's gotten stomped on, slipped on, and dropped onto hardwood and never really sustained much major damage -- but I think the iGuy, pictured left, is just the thing I need to keep me from pressing my luck.

The Speck iGuy is a $40 rubbery character that holds your iPad snugly in his belly and offers plenty of handles for little hands to grab. The soft arms and legs keep the iPad, or iPad 2, safe and sound within the iGuy's gullet, and all of the buttons are accessible through kid-unfriendly holes around the edges, ensuring Junior doesn't get at the volume controls. Plus, check out the video because apparently he walks!


For folks who just want a bit of protection, there is the unfortunately-named iBallz solution. These balls sit on the iPad's four corners and are held together with a rubber cord. It's almost impossible to drop the iPad when these balls are in play and they cost $19.95.



You can even move the balls around to create a stand for typing and watching videos and you can hang the iPad from a hook on the wall or car headrest for sharing.


Finally there's the Voltaic Spark iPad case that features a large solar panel to charge the iPad. One hour of sunlight offers one hour of video playback, according to the manufacturer, and you can teach the kids about going green with this clever protector.

Unfortunately the case costs $299, so you'll be hard-pressed to say that this case warrants the price, but what wouldn't a parent pay to let the kids watch Pokemon in a pinch?

What's your favorite gadget case? Has it kept your gear safe from tiny hands?


Images via Spreck; iBallz; Voltaic

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