New Cheap iPhone 4 Not Great for Moms

Ah, the annual flurry of rumors about what will be in the next iPhone. Since Apple biffed their usual June date for announcing what's to come, the breathless anticipation is happening later in the season than usual, but that just gives tech pundits more time to fantasize about the many glorious features that Steve Jobs is undoubtedly working on.

The latest scuttlebutt about what we can expect Apple to announce in September is that there won't just be one new iPhone. Just as there was another Skywalker, so too is there … another … iPhone. At least according to some random analyst guy from Deutsche Bank, who today advised investors that in addition to the fancy new iPhone 5, Apple will be releasing a mid-range phone called the iPhone 4S.


(I didn't know investors were called upon to actually invent product names, did you? Hello Deutsche Bank, please to take all my monies and invest in your finest vaporware!)

Anyway, this so-called iPhone 4S will apparently be a cheaper, a lightly revised version of the iPhone 4. Why would you buy it? Well, because it's more affordable. Which means you could replace your aging non-smartphone, or get one for your kid.

You know, because sometimes the only way to get a child to shut their whine-hole is to plug them in front of some Angry Birds, and handing over your own phone sucks. Kids are always coated in some sort of sticky substance and you can't trust them not to drop an expensive electronic gadget, so a cheaper iPhone might be just the thing.

Of course, you could always buy an iPod touch for that purpose, so that might not make a lot of sense. But if the rumors are true and the revamped iPhone 4 will come prepaid with no carrier contract, maybe this could be a useful extra family phone for around the house. In my house we don't have a landline any more, so a dedicated phone that the kids have access to—for games and communication—might be a good thing.

Still, at $349, which is the the price point this analyst is theorizing Apple will choose for the iPhone 4, it sounds too expensive to me for a luxury purpose. Guess I'll have to keep sharing my phone on the rare occasion a distraction is worth the potential of a broken/permanently slimed touchscreen.

What do you think about the possibility of a less expensive iPhone 4? Would you consider buying one just for your kids?

Image via Flickr/douglemoine

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