Wimbledon Player Marion Bartoli Needs a Babysitter Not a Tennis Coach

Marion Bartoli
I was never the best athlete. Fine, I was never really an athlete at all. But, nevertheless, I'd imagine it would stressful being one -- particularly on the professional level. And Marion Bartoli's Wimbledon performance is living proof that this innovative theory holds true. Homegirl cracked. 

On Saturday, after losing the first set to Flavia Pennetta, Bartoli kicked her mother and father (who also happens to be her coach) out of the viewing area. The Frenchwoman claims it was an act of exhaustion and frustration. I say it's an act of immaturity.


We've all been there. We have a bad day at work, a crappy commute, or are just plain tired and we take it out on our loved ones. I'm embarrassed to think of all the times I've been short or downright rude to my husband after a particularly trying day. But, thing is ... the only person  witness to my petulant childlike behavior, aside from my husband and guilty conscience, is my dog. And I have to be honest with you, I don't really appreciate the way he looks at me. Sorry I'm not tiny and fluffy and cute all the time like you, Onion.

Point is, I would never lash out at a loved one in front of others. Partly because it's part of my great plan to convince everyone on the outside that my life is perfect, but it's mainly because I don't want to embarrass someone I love in front of others for no good reason.

I understand that Bartoli is/was under great athletic pressure that I "luckily" never had to worry about, but if taking things out on her parents is the only way she's equipped to deal with stress, maybe she should find a new profession. Or perhaps she should go on a hiatus until she matures.

In case you were wondering, Bartoli did wind up winning the match after ejecting her parents. She faces Serena Williams today. Hopefully, her parents have access to a good TV.

What do you think of Marion Bartoli ejecting her parents?

Image via pato_garza/Flickr

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