‘Gay’ Google Doodle Will Make the Haters Happy

gay pride google doodleCan we all agree that it's a safe assumption to say that Google can basically do whatever the eff they want and it won't hurt their business? Unless Larry Page and Sergey Brin decide to go on some sort of killing spree, Google is only going to continue to further its world domination. And let's hope they don't because it would be a bitch to find out the details of their crime on Bing that day.

So, because of their impenetrable power, it perplexes me that their Gay Pride Google Doodle is so ... inconspicuous. Go to Google right now. Now come back. Did you even see one?


Unless you searched for something like "gay," "LGBT," or "homosexual" the answer is no. See, the only way you'll see a shred of support for Gay Pride Month from Google is if you search for something "gay related." Then a small festive rainbow will appear next to the box. If you're searching for cat memes, you're S.O.L.

On one hand, it's nice of Google to keep this doodle going all month long. On the other, why not wear it loud and proud like they have for things like "The 50th Anniversary of Understanding DNA" or Pacman's Birthday? Are they concerned with offending people? One thing's for sure, opponents of the gay marriage law that was just passed in New York will appreciate the "subtly" of this particular doodle. (And by "subtly" I, of course, mean they won't know it's there, because, ew, they would never Google "gay!")

What Google should have done was had one big, colorful Gay Pride doodle on the first of the month to show their support, then dropped it after that. They don't need to have a doodle all month long. That's actually overkill if you ask me. And there are other doodles to be had. It would have been nice if they just let their support be known, then went on their merry way. (Side bar -- I did a search for "Black History Month Google Doodle" and I couldn't even find one. Looks like Google needs to get their "month" doodles straight.)

I think it's lovely that Google supports Gay Pride Month. It needs all the support it can get. But I just think it's a shame that nobody knows it.

What do you think of the Gay Pride Google Doodle?


Image via Google

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