Invasive New Twitter Ads Won't Be the End of the World

twitter birdTwitter is a big deal. Everyone who is anyone is tweeting these days. But the truth of the matter is, the social networking site is just not as big or as financially successful as Facebook. And now, the head honchos are going to do something about it in 140 characters or less. Within eight weeks users will start to see promoted tweets in their time lines. The goal? To annoy the hell of their users. To bring in greater revenue.

Oh my god! The world is ending! Ads are, like, so totally annoying aren't they?! OMG I HATE THEM! I just want to breeze through the BS and see what Caroline Manzo has to say about last night's episode of Real Housewives.

Just checking: Can you sense my sarcasm? Get a grip, my friends, and take a chill pill. Promoted tweets are not the end of the world.


Advertising is all over the Internet. That's just the way that today's techy cookie crumbles. In order for companies and services that we love to keep on functioning, they need to make money some how, and that some how is often through ad dollars. When was the last time that you can honestly say an ad on Facebook, per say, really bothered you? OK, forget that awkward one that's sort of creepy asking you about one of your listed interests. The fact is, we got used to it then, and we'll get used to it now.

If the head honchos at Twitter are smart, which I assume they are, then I'll bet anything these ads may be relevant to your interests and pretty spaced out. Dare I say we could even see a deal or two, right there -- waiting for us in our timelines once the promos begin? What bargainista in her right mind would complain about that?!

And hey, if the ads prove to be successful, then maybe Twitter can buy a second server! You know what that means? No more Fail Whale! Nothing against the whale, personally, I think it's sort of cute. But I'd rather have 24/7 Twitter access (with ads) then nothing, you dig? Things could be worse! There could be pop-ups everywhere. And we all know pop-ups are so 1999.

What do you think about Twitter adding promoted ads to your feed?


Image via eldh/ Flickr

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