The Winklevoss Twins Are Back & More Ridiculous Than Ever

Winklevoss TwinsFacebook is probably an awesome place to work, but man, these Winklevoss twins are becoming like the cockroaches that won't leave Mark Zuckerberg's pad. Oh, what, you thought they had been exterminated? Or left the building on their own? That was a short-lived development in the world of the most popular social network's legal battles, my friend.

As you may have heard, they announced on Wednesday that they would end their attempts to overturn a low court ruling upholding a $65 million settlement with Facebook based on their contention that the Zuckster stole their idea for Facebook. But today, it's a whole new ballgame. Now they're asking Massachusetts courts to find out whether Facebook "intentionally or inadvertently suppressed evidence" in the original proceedings. Yeah, like potentially snarky IMs Mark Zuckerberg sent YEARS AGO. Yaaaaaawn.

You would think after an Oscar-award winning film made you look like dumbasses, you would get a clue that it's time to give up the ghost!


But no.

They're obviously sure that if they keep going at it, they'll get more than the $65 mil. I mean, sure, that looks like paltry cash compared to what Zuck has his pockets lined with these days. But do the Winklevosses deserve it? Hells no!

At this point, they're just embarrassing themselves. I mean, it's not like anyone is taking these guys seriously. I'm sure the judges who are hearing their cases are just laughing to themselves, thinking these tools are greedmeisters who want to try to take "that Facebook kid" for as much as they can. Maybe that would have been a noble attempt in 2004-2005, but now, it's water under the bridge. What's done is done.

And if they were really as amazing and brilliant as they seem to think they are -- being that they think they were the ones who invented Facebook -- then why, pray tell, have they yet to invent anything else? I want to know why it seems like no one in these men's lives has offered them advice in the form of two valuable words: "MOVE ON." Not as in, move on with another trial! Move on, move up. Create the next Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pandora, iCloud, etc. Then, maybe they'll be known for something other than the two dopey twins who think they got duped by Zuckerberg.

Do you think the Winklevoss twins should be embarrassed or keep pursuing these legal battles?


Image via Justin Sullivan/Getty

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