Pottermore Is J.K. Rowling’s Best Creation Yet

harry potterThe Pottermore website is finally unveiled, and like everything J.K. Rowling does, it sounds awesome. In short, the site is an interactive one where people can play games and conduct other forms of wizardry within the actual Harry Potter books. So, yes, the Harry Potter books will finally be available as ebooks. Techies rejoice.

It's taken a while for Rowling to come to terms with the fact that ebooks are no longer the wave of the future, but actually ... the present. She told reporters at the London premiere for Pottermore, "It is my view you can't hold back progress. Ebooks are here and here to stay. I feel great about taking Harry into this new medium." She also talked about how she downloaded a few for the first time recently and loved them.


Personally, I love that Rowling held out this long. Like other old school folk, I'm not the biggest fan of ebooks. I read on my iPad before I go to bed each night, but I don't like it. I'm just in the middle of a good book right now, so there's really nothing I can do about it. Don't get me wrong, the iPad is great, but reading books on it just isn't my bag. Anyway, back to Rowling.

Despite the fact that I love her throw-back nature, I do think it's a good thing that she's putting the books up online now. Harry Potter has seen so many incarnations -- from the movies to amusement parks to games. The fact that she's starting a website -- something people surely would devour up, whatever it was -- and the literature is the main focus, I find refreshing. And I also think that this will -- if it's possible -- open the series up to an even bigger (younger, more Internet-y) audience. And it also -- if it's possible -- will make Rowling even more disgustingly rich. Get it, girl.

The site will open in beta on July 31 (Harry’s birthday) to a million lucky fans -- who, you should know, will be required to find a Magical Quill in an online treasure hunt. It will be open to the rest of us October 1.

Are you excited for Pottermore?


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