Erin Andrews Teaches Rude Kid How Not to Get an Autograph (VIDEO)

Erin AndrewsA kid who walked away from an encounter with sportscaster Erin Andrews without an autograph may be crying in his cornflakes today, but he's given the sports world a valuable lesson. How NOT to go after an autograph. The 12-year-old told Andrews if she didn't sign something at a college world series game, he'd just go home and watch the peeping tom video that took her from quasi-famous to household name.

He may be just a kid, but you can say it. Jeeeeeerk. At least the adults around him should have known better, but they were just as bad. 


In a garbled video shot by the lewd fans who seemed to be hanging with the 12-year-old who made reference to watching the video shot by Michael David Barrett, Andrews pretty much does your classic ignore, ignore, ignore. The louder and more obnoxious the fans get, the colder the shoulder.

Let's consider lesson number one in "how to actually GET an autograph," shall we? Volume is worthless if the content sucks. In Erin's case, no self-respecting female sportscaster wants to hear, "You know you would be doing that." Case closed.

Now, if you'll remember, when you go to a game, these people are working. Whether it's the media types like Andrews or the players, they have a job to do; bugging them while they're trying to get work done is part of how it works. But if you can't take the hint, they're bound to get annoyed. Think how you'd be if someone was standing at your side while you were trying to get work done, offering to take his shirt off so you could sign his chest. Lesson two complete.

And now for the kicker. Lesson three. Kids pull at heartstrings. Kids are cute. Kids are your in. Unless your kid is a complete tool.

Wary of strangers since a creepy stalker shot video of her naked in a hotel room then broadcast it on the Internet, Andrews eventually broke from the "ignore the annoying fans" mode to call out the 12-year-old kid and ask him to repeat himself after his little quip about watching her video. When he wouldn't, he got treated to an Erin Andrews take-down, whereby the famous journalist told the tween he should be "man enough" to own such big words if he was going to throw them out there. Not exactly the attention a fan wants from their favorite star. And not the kind of thing you share with the grandkids.

Take a look at the take-down by Andrews and tell us, did she do the right thing? Would you have given these clowns an autograph?


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