Have Some Weiner-Inspired Fun With This App -- We Did! (PHOTOS)

lifeboatsLooking to keep certain, ahem, interactions on the down low? Fans and foes of Weinergate 2011, do I have the perfect app for you! Now, you can send risque photos to whomever you want with the simple touch and drag. Introducing the PixelateTool by Huizhe, a quick, handy way for blurring personal photos in seconds.

And the best part? The iPhone app is only $1! That's a lot cheaper (and much less of a headache) than all those incriminating legal fees!

We tried it out here at The Stir. Not to worry -- no actual risque behavior going on in this office. Or is there? Read on to find out.





Here's The Stir's own Lindsay Mannering surfing the web. Wait, what's that on her screen? Ahhhh, if it weren't for the trusty PixelateTool, then you'd see that she has a habit for taking some time off during the work day to watch Saved by the Bell clips on YouTube. That Lindsay, always goofin' around.

Tisk, tisk -- Nicole, drinking on the job again? But is that a water in her hand or a beer? With the PixelateTool, your guess is as good as our boss'!

waving hello

Hello world! That's me saying wassup! Or am I telling you to piss off? With that peculiar smile, it could go either way.

At the end of the day, I'm not sure if the everyday iPhone user needs the PixelateTool app. But for only $1, I think it's less of an "I need this" and more of a "Let's have some fun in my spare time" sort of thing, don't you?

Would you buy the PixelateTool app?


Images via Emily Abbate

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