Idiot Dad Quits Job to Watch Son Play Baseball

man watching baseballI bet David Roth had a better Father's Day than anyone you know. Do you know even know who David Roth is? He's just a regular South Carolina man who quit his job to see his son pitch for the Gamecocks in the College World Series (yes, they won). I bet yesterday and today are not so good for him.

See, last year, Roth's job as a car salesman forced him to miss watching his son, Michael, play in the game that earned the team the national title. And this year, he wasn't about to go there again. So he asked his company for the time off. And they told him he didn't have any vacation days left. The rest is (really weird, kind of idiotic) history.


There's no question that David Roth is an awesome father -- and I'm sure nothing will replace that moment when the Gamecocks won. But quitting his job? In this market? Sheesh, that takes some serious baseballs, my friends. And it's really not smart. I've missed a few things because of work in my day -- weddings, showers, 60th birthday parties -- and although it sucks when the event is going on (and when people are looking back at pictures), I'm always happy to wake up with a job the next day.

And let's discuss the company David worked for for a moment? What a bunch of jerks, right? Who wouldn't let an employee take off for something as monumental as their son playing in the College World Series? He's probably better off going somewhere else -- if he can find it!

Congrats on officially being the world's second best dad (the first is mine, obvs), David. But I sure as hell hope your son is on a full scholarship.

Do you think David quitting his job was crazy or sweet?


Image via TerryJohnston/Flickr

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