Idiots Protest Michael Vick Autograph Signing

michael vickIf there's one athlete I hate more than anybody, it's Michael Vick. Where I come from, you don't mess with doggies. The fact that the NFL took him back after his involvement with illegal dog fighting? Despicable. But the fact that a bunch of people were protesting an autograph signing of his? Stupid.

Vick was brought in to a New Jersey sports card shop on Sunday to sign fan memorabilia. About 50 demonstrators stood outside, holding up signs and yelling the entire time he was there. The owner of the shop didn't mince words when he said, "The fact people are pissed off, I 100 percent respect that. If they want to complain, they should go to the commissioner of the NFL for letting him back in." And, hey, you know what? He's right.


I'm not saying I would have brought Vick in to my sports card store -- which, by the way, is going to be awesome -- but it's not like the owner of the store was involved with dog fighting. And it's not like he drove out to get the football player's autograph. (I really hope he wouldn't have, or really, my whole argument is moot.) The protesters should take it up with the NFL and -- not that I'm encouraging harassment of any sort -- the people lining up to get such a despicable human's autograph.

The owner was trying to make some cash, like all business owners. Do I think he has scruples? No. But I don't think picketing outside of his store is really going to do anything. Picket outside -- or better yet, inside -- of Eagles games. That will have more of an impact than standing near a store off of some random exit in New Jersey.

And to the owner of the sports card shop -- I'm not going to mention the store by name, as I don't want to promote it -- I'm not sticking up for you. I just think that the protesters' services could have been of better use elsewhere.

What do you think of people protesting outside of this sports store?


Image via Jim McIsaac/Getty

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