Fabulous New Deals Site Comes Out of the Closet

sale signsJust the other day I was saying that I wish I came up with the idea for the flash sale site for women sized 10 and up. I knew demographic-specific deal websites, similar to Gilt and Groupon, were about to be all the rage. Well, they officially are because now another one cropped up -- a daily deal site tailored to gay men. Why does everyone think of everything before me?

The new site, called Daily Hookup, was started by Mario Correa, an ol' regular guy, who was sick of waking up to an inbox full of deals he had no interest in using. And like everything else gay men have a hand in, it's better and fancier than the other deal sites.


Daily Hookup isn't "just a deal site." It's a highly vetted deal site that doesn't promote anything that doesn't pass its "expert test." The expert test, of course, refers to the panel of eight dudes -- a blogger, a restaurant manager, a fashion designer, an actor, a personal trainer, an architect, a D.J., and a Food Network producer -- who approve the things that go up on the site. In other words, don't expect to see your typical $20 for $40 worth of pink carnations from 1-800-Flowers.

This site sounds awesome, but you guys, I'm kind of bummed I didn't think of this one either. At this rate, I'm never going to buy that villa in Positano. We seriously need to put our heads together and think of a new demographic-specific deal site so we can all retire already. Here's what I've come up with so far:

A site for animal lovers. I'm serious, don't laugh. Owning a pet is expensive. I would be thrilled to find daily deals for things like food, vet visits, and the most annoying of all, Frontline and Heartgard. And I think each deal should come with an accompanying photo of a cute puppy or kitten.

A site for foodies. Yeah, there's always good restaurant deals on Groupon and LivingSocial, but what about a food-only site for people who don't want to get daily emails about sky diving and karate classes?

A site for shoe and handbag whores. Clothes are great, but they're not shoes and bags fun. I say we do a site where it's accessories only. Who's in?

A site for travel. Yeah, there's sites that feature deals on travel, but not one ubersite that emails you crazy Groupon-like deals daily. If there were, I could be in Positano right now.

A site for moms. Oh, hey, look at that. That already exists!

What other deal sites can we come up with? I had the idea to do this, so we'll split 60-40, 'kay?


Image via antwerpenR/Flickr

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