Baseball Fanatic Fights Woman for Foul Ball (VIDEO)

diamonbacks fanSports fans, you need to settle the bejeezus down. First we had the Canucks' lunatics acting a fool and setting their city ablaze, now we have the Diamondbacks fan ripping a foul ball out of a woman's hands. And not giving an eff that he did.

Allow me to set the scene for you. It's a balmy spring day. The Arizona Diamondbacks are playing the San Francisco Giants. The Diamondbacks hit a foul ball into the dugout, and hey, look at that, Melvin Mora tosses the ball into the crowd for a baseball enthusiast to enjoy. What a nice guy! The lucky recipient? A pretty blonde lady in the front row. But wait a minute ... what's this ... some giant d-bag sitting behind her leans over the bleachers and literally wrestles the ball out of her hands. Classy.


Watch the video for yourself and you'll see: Dude was not giving up his foul ball. It almost looked like he was going to hurt the woman. And how about the fact that the whole incident was televised for all the world to see what a colossal jackass he is?!

I get it, sports nuts. You love your memorabilia and your autographs and your highlights reels. But there's a line, brosephs. When your fanaticism is taking precedence over chivalry -- or general common courtesy -- you need to cool your jets. Back away from the blonde with the ball. Or if you're Canadian, the opportunity to overturn a parked car and set it on fire.

Sports are supposed to be fun. They're supposed to be an escape from the everyday monotony and the fact that, if you think about it, we're really all just dying slowly. When you inject violence and downright rudeness into the equation, they're not the same.

Take a look at this rude boy:

Do you think sports fans are getting a little nutty?


Image via YouTube

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