Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Video Pulled: Will We Pay to Play?

rebecca black friday youtubeDo you know what day it is? It's ... FRIDAY, FRIIIDAY, gotta get down on Fridaayyy ... Oh no, I forgot the rest of the words, but -- wait a minute -- I can't watch the "Friday" music video on YouTube, because "it's no longer available due to a copyright claim by Rebecca Black." Whaaaaaaaat? Yep, Friday will never be the same, because the teen's hit clip, which had up to 160 million views on YouTube, has been removed.

Why? Long story short, it has to do with a hairy legal battle between Ark Music (the company that produced the track for Rebecca after her mom paid them a few hundred bucks) and Black. What a bummer for her fans and for her.

And this all comes right after a downright strange turn of events, in which the music vid was put behind a paywall, and users were asked to pay $2.99 to access it via YouTube Rentals. Uhm ... crazy, right?! We should have to pay to watch Rebecca Black? I think not.

Could all of this Black brouhaha be the start of a new trend?


Will we have to pay to watch the silliest viral vids around? Oh no. Can you just see it now? We'll come home from a long day at work, plop down in front of our iPad 10GZs -- which will already have our credit card info stored inside, obvs -- and start wracking up charges, watching stupid kids "planking" or "Surprised Kitty" or Keenan Cahill lip-sync the latest track from American Idol season 42 (as long as that doesn't become illegal)? Is this our future, people?! Sheesh, in some ways, it's already our present. People already pay mucho dinero for porn online (which is a different story, and makes sense, since the porn vid industry has died ever since the dawn of the Internet era).

Hey, it's eeriely possible that we could find ourselves behind paywalls for every kind of video online.

But, on second thought, maybe that wouldn't be the worst thing. Maybe we'd get so fed up with being nickle and dimed for our Internet viewing pleasure that we'd ... shut it off (gasp!). Maybe we'd refuse to use the Internet or at least watching dumb videos on the Internet altogether, kind of like how some people are now throwing in the towel with their cable subscriptions, because they don't want to pay $159.99 a month to watch crap. Paying for every kind of video content online could, in essence, trigger a cultural revolution!!

Oh, who am I kidding? We're all going to cough up cash at some point to watch the Rebecca Blacks of the future. Ah well, at least if that happens, I hope the kid gets her royalties for her hard work.

Would you pay to watch videos like Rebecca Black's "Friday" or "Surprised Kitty"?


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