Super Bowl Star Says Gay Marriage Will Ruin the World (VIDEO)

david tyree NOMFormer Giants wideout David Tyree left the NFL a legend, having made one of the most famous catches in Super Bowl history. Now, he's using his celebrity to speak out against something that instills fear in his heart ... gay marriage. In fact, he's so freaked out by two men or two women saying "I do" that he's gone so far as to say that making their unions legal will lead to "anarchy." The legalization of marriage between same-sex couples will "be the moment where our society in itself loses its grip with what's right," he warns in a new video for the National Organization for Marriage.

It seems that Tyree is displeased with the idea of same-sex marriage, because he grew up in a household where his parents divorced and his father wasn't around. So apparently, same-sex marriages put more kids at risk of growing up sans father or sans mother. Because that's oh-so-different from broken or "unconventional" heterosexual homes. Rrrright.


Tyree's warped logic aside, the guy's welcome to say whatever he wants. But he better not wonder why his glossy reputation as a football legend is forever tarnished by this hate-filled nonsensical spewing.

The fact of the matter is that more people are for marriage equality than not at this point. Tyree's video even came as a response to some of his former NFL colleagues, Giants co-owner Steve Tisch and former All-Pro defensive end Michael Strahan, voicing their support for gay marriage legislation. And a recent Gallup poll showed 53 percent of Americans say that same-sex marriages should be considered valid and come with the same rights as heterosexual marriages. So for Tyree to say that he believes "a minority, an influential minority" is pushing the passage of gay marriage legislation makes him look just plain crazy. But I guess his "anarchy" comment does that too. Heck -- forget tarnishing his reputation and carving out a new legacy as a hate-monger! Now, the guy's gonna go down in football history as a big mouth whackjob!

Here's the video just in case you want to feel like jabbing your computer with a butter knife.

What do you think about David Tyree's case against marriage equality?


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