Secrets of New Pottermore 'Harry Potter' Website: Revealed!

harry potterJK Rowling could be getting a bit nervous now that her world-famous Harry Potter franchise is at the tail-end of its big-screen life and the book series has long since ended. Not that she'll lose out on money, fame, or her fans, but without a big box office draw or new book releases (complete with midnight parties to mark the occasion, of course), it might be a bit harder to engage her following. (Last I checked, she doesn't really use Twitter!)

Well, enter A website for Harry Potter fans who want, well, more Potter! I think it's Rowling's secret ploy to keep Potter fans actively hooked to the franchise. (There's no shame in that! Geeze, I'm such a dork, I wish there was something like this for Back to the Future fanatics!) The site sports nothing more than a mysterious "coming soon" message right now, so the web is abuzz with speculation about what the site will actually offer when it launches.


Thankfully, you don't have to dig too deep to get some leads. Rumors abound that the site will be an interactive haven for all things Potter. Fans will be able to play games, read a Harry Potter encyclopedia, check out readings by Stephen Fry, and compete in various contests. I'm sure it'll also be a marketplace, where you can buy Potter memorabilia and books. The site registered for a trademark a while back, and judging by that, there will (also?) be a multi-layer multi-user game (oooh, snazzy), online chat rooms, bulletin boards, and other forums for real-time interaction among Potter-philes.

All I can say is -- SWEET, now we'll have a whimsical new way to waste time online!!!

No, but seriously, HP fans deserve something like this. The Scholastic and movie websites have only gone so far with content and games, so it seems that a site like Pottermore will fill a void, providing an all-encompassing Harry Potter online kingdom -- I mean, community. And of course, the fact that there's a demand for a site like this is a major testament to the lasting power of Potter. Having a major soft spot for the wizard myself, I'm psyched to get me some Pottermore!

What do you think will be? Would you check it out?


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